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Rate Calculation for Sending Document or Parcel

  1. Freight charge for export services can be checked from the “Check Price” box shown in the upper-left corner of this page.
  2. Freight charge for Domestic service can be checked from our Call Center at Tel. 02 2782900

Remark: Volumetric Weight Calculation
For the large but lightweight consignments, we comply with IATA regulations and charge the greater of the actual weight or volumetric weight. Please use the following calculation to establish the volumetric weight of your consignment and establish if the charge will be based on actual weight or volumetric weight.

Volumetric Weight (kg) = Length x Width x Height (cm3)

For further info., please contact DPX Call Center at Tel. 02 278 2900

Transit Time

  1. Estimated transit time is shown in the “Check Price” box after specifying the weight and the destination of your consignment.
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  • Chargeable weight is calculated base on either the actual weight or the volumetric weight, whichever is higher.
  • Volumetric Weight (Kg) = Length x Width x Height (cm)/ 5000